Old Faithful Bar & BBQ is dedicated to the art of “low and slow” smoked meats.

Whilst American style BBQ may inspire the cooking process we are passionate about supporting our local products and farmers.

Located on King Street in the CBD Old Faithful brings the best of American BBQ to the centre of Perth’s city.



When in our venue we will treat you with hospitality and respect. We only ask that you please follow our simple house rules. We have rights too and as such we reserve our right to... 

- Refuse entry to intoxicated persons. 

- Deny service to intoxicated persons on premise.

 Juveniles are allowed on the premise before 5pm given prior arrangement and accompanied by a parent or guardian.

Juveniles are not allowed on premise after 5pm under any circumstance. We like kids and want to keep them safe when the venue is busy and dark at night.

- Respect the amenity of the neighbours. We wish to be part of the solution not part of the problem. This means keeping your voice down when smoking outside and leaving the area quietly when you go home. We want inner city residents to champion small bars not fight them.

- Treat our staff with the respect that they deserve. Our staff are here to help, Any issues please feel free to approach them and voice your concerns.