BBQ Sandwiches (Lunch Menu)

The Winged Beast Sandwich


BBQ Chicken, Cheese, Bacon, Tomato, Butter Leaf, Aioli, Pretzel Bun

Squeelin’ Meal Sandwich


Pulled Pork Shoulder, Secret Sauce, Coleslaw

Risk It For The Brisket Sandwich


Beef Brisket, Russian Dressing, Coleslaw

PLT Sandwich


Pulled Pork, Bacon, Lettuce, Tomato, Garlic Aoili, Toasted Sourdough

Mushroom Burger


Cos Lettuce, Caramelised Onion, Tasty Cheese, Aoili, BBQ Sauce

Steaks Are High Sandwich


Hanger Steak, Cheddar, Tomato Chutney, Cos Lettuce, Mustard Mayo, Toasted Sourdough


$15 single, $19 double

Smoked Patty, Bacon, Mustard & Ketchup, Pickle