September Beer In Focus

BEER IN FOCUS: ‘Feral Brewing Company’

One of the favorite brewhouses to consistently appear on our stalwart taps is the home grown ‘Feral Brewing Company’.
Nestled in Western Australia’s own Swan Valley, they consistently produce high quality beer with an addictive drinkability.

From the mellow entry that is ‘Sly Fox’ session to the elusive American Imperial IPA ‘Tusk’, we’ve yet to be let down by the flavor and dinkability of their range.

On Monday the 4th of September, members of the Old Faithful kitchen, bar and management staff made the 40 minute Uber ride to the original Feral Brewery on Haddrill road. The setting has an inviting rural farmhouse vibe with attentive and knowledgeable staff.

Upon arrival we seated our party on the veranda at the front and proceeded to try pints of:

War Hog – An American style IPA with a strong streak layered under a passionfruit lift.

Razorback – An English style barley wine, hefty with an array of dark fruit notes.

Knuckles – An American style pale ale with a crackling burst off coffee .

Watermelon Warhead – A Belgian style sour which twists the sides of your mouth.

Biggie Juice – An East coast style IPA, deep with body and flavor, addictive to the last drop.

After a few rounds we proceeded to a grassy expanse where we took turns playing corn hole, a  carnival game where rivals aim to throw a bean bag into their opposites stationary goal. It was at this venture we discovered just how uncoordinated some of the Old Faithful staff are!

A few rounds later we were taken into the brewing room and barrel fermenting zones of the property, it was amazing to see the science, passion and handwork that goes into the creation of their brews.

Currently on the Feral taps at Old Faithful we are pouring

Sly Fox – Session Ale – 4.7%

Hop Hog – Pale Ale – 5.8%

War Hog – American IPA – 7.5%